Zentangle Pens and Supplies


Zentangle Pens and Supplies

Copic Zentanlge Pens and Supplies

Your Zentangle pens and supplies should include a good variety of pens , markers and multiliners. Copic makes some of the best zentangle pens and markers, as well as refill inks (Yes! You can refill your Copic markers!) paper, marker storage systems, books and DVDs, accessories and more. You can browse and buy them online by clicking on the image below.

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Sakura Pens

The Micron pens by Sakura are good for tangling. Click on the picture to go to their site.

Zentangle Pens and Supplies Sakura Image




You can also find these pens, and their off-brand cousins, at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc. I LOVE Hobby Lobby and find that their selection of pens for tangling is really good. Make sure you get different tip sizes. 08 is my favorite for filling in large spaces. 005 is good for really fine lines. I like to use 05 for the majority of my tangling. Don’t let color scare you either! I like to use a red pen for small highlighting areas.

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